Flipping the script: Joshua Hood interviews J.T. Patten on Hot Wash

For those that don’t already know, thriller Author J.T. Patten has a fantastic podcast called Hot Wash After Action Book Report.

Patten, author of the SAFE HAVENS series, typically conducts interviews of fellow authors in the genre, breaking down their writing process and characters. Ted Bell, Mark Greaney and others have appeared on the podcast.

This week, in a change of events, Joshua Hood – who was on Hot Wash this past summer – has turned the tables on J.T. and interviewed Patten on his own show.

What followed was a brilliant back-and-forth about what goes into writing a book, creating characters, and even a significant portion of time dedicated to discussing a new hybrid subcategory of the military thriller genre.

If you’re a fan of Hood or Patten, you’ll especially enjoy this podcast. However, I recommend it to all fans of thrillers. If you’re not tuning into Hot Wash, you’re missing out.

For more on Patten’s podcast click here. To listen to Hood’s interview of J.T. click here.


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