Brad Taylor’s All-New​ Short Story, ‘The Target,’ Set To Hit eReaders On November 8th (With Plot Details)

Bestselling author Brad Taylor, who is quite possibly the busiest writer in the military thriller genre, has a new short story coming out this November. 

The Target will be made available for download on Kindle and other eReaders (including iTunes, etc.) on November 8, 2016, and will follow Israeli operatives Aaron and Shoshana, both of whom are supporting characters and fan favorites from Taylor’s long-running Pike Logan franchise. 

Speaking of Pike Logan, Taylor’s next novel, Ring of Fire, is scheduled to hit bookstores on January 10th, making it the first must-read book of 2017!

Both The Target and Ring of Fire are available for pre-order wherever books are sold. Taylor is one of the best authors in the genre today. If you’re not reading his stuff already, now in the perfect time to start! 

From the publisher: 

Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor’s thrilling new short story takes us back to before the Taskforce was created, revealing the origins of Israeli agents Aaron and Shoshana as they are tasked with eliminating a former Nazi officer hiding in plain sight.
Includes an exclusive preview of Brad Taylor’s eleventh Pike Logan thriller, Ring of Fire, coming December 27, 2016.
1998. A year after a disastrous mission in Amman, Jordan, Israeli operative Aaron Bergman and his Samson team feel more like outcasts than ever. Fearful that his team is about to be disbanded, Aaron is thrown another curve: a cast-off operative named Shoshana, who nobody in the Mossad trusts, and who all feel is a traitor. When the new commander of the Mossad summons them immediately after being sworn in, Aaron’s fears are confirmed. The team is cut free from the Mossad but not from serving their new leader.
Unsanctioned by the Israeli government, their mission is to assassinate a Nazi murderer from Auschwitz: a man who stood guard on the wall of death and has since escaped to Argentina, and who is running a lucrative business with his sons. When Aaron and Shoshana accept the mission, it sets them on a collision course with an active operation involving a reborn Nazi web intertwined with Iran, forcing the pair to trust each other as the evil they were tasked with destroying sets its sights on one last strike against Israel no one sees coming.”

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