BURIED IN BLACK: See the Cover for J.T. Patten’s Forthcoming Task Force Orange Thriller

Last October, we reported that author J.T. Patten had signed a three-book deal with Kensington. At the time, we knew that the Sean Havens author, known for his blacker than black-ops thrillers, would be kicking off an all-new series, but didn’t know much about the first book other than the title, Buried in Black

Now, all the details, are out. . . and so is the slick-looking cover. Check it out below! 


Buried in black.jpgDEEPER THAN DEEP STATE
In this explosive new series, former intelligence expert J.T. Patten takes you deep inside the top-secret operations you’ll never see on the news: our deadliest weapons in the war against terror . . .
In the clandestine world of shadow ops, he’s known as The Man From Orange. A master of surveillance, signals intelligence—and silent killing—special operative Drake Woolf has been groomed and trained by the old-guard intel community after his CIA father and mother were murdered in Tunisia. Now he works for Task Force Orange, handling cases the government doesn’t want its fingerprints on. Woolf can always be relied on to carry out an assignment with surgical precision—and exterminate a threat with extreme prejudice. But his latest mission is different. Woolf knows the targets personally. He trained them in Iraq to be the perfect killing machines. Known as the “Mohawks,” these Iraqi rebels know our secrets, our strengths, and our weaknesses. And they’re using this knowledge to launch the deadliest attack the world has ever seen—on American soil . . .



Last fall, Patten, who is represented by John Talbot of The Talbot Fortune Agency, told us “I think fans of my prior Safe Havens black ops series will enjoy the continued gritty dark style of this new line, but the old character, Sean Havens, will also have a critical role in supporting the Task Force’s main protagonist.” 

That new protagonist, by the way, Drake “Birddog” Woolf, is the real deal. A fan of Havens, I was anxious to see Sean’s continued involvement in the new series but was really excited to meet Drake and get a feel for Patten’s new hero. Having recently read the bound manuscript, I can say this: Patten’s fans are in for a treat. Drake is raw and his personality matches Patten’s gritty writing style perfectly. Plus, he can kick some serious ass. What more could you possibly want? 

While I don’t want to give anything else away until my official review runs (check back for that soon), here’s how Patten described Haven’s role to me last year. “Sean will take the back seat position as a John Clark-type who has been there done that and is guiding this new warrior along the way.”

Buried in Black, the first book in a J.T. Patten’s brand new series, comes out on Kindle and ebook on November 20th and is currently available for pre-order here. In the meantime, make sure you’re following Patten on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. 



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