Exclusive: See the Cover and Plot Details for J.T. Patten’s Next Man from Orange Novel

The Presence of EvilIntelligence Support Activity techno-killer, Drake Woolf, AKA the Man from Orange, will return mid-August in The Presence of Evil, from Intelligence and Counterterrorist expert J.T. Patten.  

In another explosive, blacker than black ops novel, Patten (Buried in Black, 2018, etc.) continues the Task Force Orange series covering the highly secretive JSOC intelligence unit in fictional scenarios as the country’s unacknowledged and oversight waived counterterrorism solution.

“This time,” said Patten, speaking exclusively to The Real Book Spy, “Drake Woolf and his crew are sent to Chicago to thwart a St. Patrick’s Day attack caused by a military-grade chemical weapon, Azrael, the Angel of Death. Woolf, afflicted by a mental imbalance and conflicting head voices, is the perfect throwaway agent—a deadly, invisible force able to handle the blackest of black-ops missions. But his lethal drive feeds a relentless hunger. It’s all his handlers at Task Force Orange can do in The Presence of Evil to point him at the right targets. “

Patten, who is known for twisting his antagonists into varying shades of grey continues the tradition of his morally ambiguous dark tales. In his deadly crosshairs are a wannabe Hezbollah terrorist from Venezuela with access to the University of Chicago’s military lab, hordes of elite Iranian assassins out to target the rogue martyr, and a beautiful and wily FBI counterintelligence agent who has more than a professional interest in her target.  Drake’s aim is flawless but his judgments are all over the place as he tries to make sense of who is the attacker and who has been sent by Iran to take out the terrorist that could cause a heavy global domino effect.

The Presence of Evil comes out on August 20th, 2019 and is currently available for pre-order here. In the meantime, make sure you’re following J.T. Patten on Twitter and Facebook for more details. 


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