What To Read Next

Are you having trouble deciding which book to read next? Believe me, here at The Real Book Spy, we known the feeling.

In an effort to help our followers and fellow thriller fans always stay connected with a good book, we offer a free service. Simply shoot an email our way detailing what kind of story you’re looking for, along with a few examples of books you’ve previously enjoyed, and we’ll provide a personal recommendation to you within 24 hours.

That’s it! There’s no catch, and you don’t even have to buy the book we recommend if you decide you don’t want to. Best of all, you can use this service as often as you’d like, with no limit or restrictions whatsoever.

A lot of readers are already utilizing this free service to make sure they always have a great book to read. Are you? To try it now, simply click here or copy/paste Ryan.Steck@Gmail.com into your email address bar, or you can just fill out and submit the form below.

Happy reading!


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