It seems like your reviews are always positive, can you explain that?
Generally speaking, if a book isn’t good, I toss it aside and move on. I’m very selective in my review process and only pick the best books. Don’t worry, though, I’ll remain honest and point out any obvious flaws or missteps I see that bring a book down! If you are considering buying a book because of my review, I invite you to email me at Ryan.Steck@Gmail.com if you’d like to know anything else about it or have additional questions.

Why did you name your site “The Real Book Spy?”

I named the site The Real Book Spy for two reasons. One, it’s a play on names since I’ll be covering the thriller genre which features a lot of fictional characters that happen to be spies! Secondly, I plan to use what little insider knowledge I have to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on all the latest information surrounding the most popular authors.

How is this site different than any other review site?

First of all, there is no site quite like this one. That’s why I made it! At the end of the day I’m just a fan of the genre. I simply made the website I would have enjoyed going to myself. Yes, reviews are important, so I’ll be writing plenty of them. Interviews too. But I’ll also be covering authors themselves, not just their books. For instance, Brad Thor is all over the place. He’s one of the best authors alive, but he’s also an important and influential voice on Twitter and other social media platforms. When he goes on Fox News, I’ll be providing a recap of what he said – just as I’ll be covering everything Scot Harvath related. That is what makes The Book Spy different!

On your logo, the guy is holding a book that says “ARC,” what does that stand for?

ARC stands for “Advance Reading Copy” – also known as a galley copy – which is what publishers send out to various media outlets, etc for people to write reviews before the book actually comes out.

Do you get paid to endorse books?

No. Never! I’ve been offered, and I’ve always declined. No offense to other review sites, but most of them require a fee to review an authors work. Obviously that tactic works well for them, as they make good money, but that’s not why I’m doing this. I want my word to mean something, so that when I tell you a book is really good – you’ll know I endorsed it because I truly enjoyed it with no strings attached. Money is too hard to make, my goal is to help other fans avoid the duds and only spend their hard earned dollars on the very best thrillers!

Do you buy the books you review, or do you get them for free?

As a rule, I only review books that are sent to be by the publisher, the author, their agent, or their publicist.

Will you be doing any giveaways?

YES! Everyone loves free stuff, right? I’ve got some things lined up already and plan to do regular giveaways and contests throughout the year.

*Side note: All giveaways are for participants inside The United States only!

If I represent an author or publisher and want to send you some books, what’s the best way to contact you?

Email. If you shoot me an email at Ryan.Steck@Gmail.com I’ll respond in less than 24-hours.

You started out by creating a Mitch Rapp fan-site, will you continue running that?

YES! Mitch Rapp is near and dear to my heart. He is, in my mind, the greatest character ever created. Vince Flynn, his creator, will always be my favorite author. For those that don’t know, Flynn passed away in June of 2013. Kyle Mills has since taken over the Rapp franchise, and I can’t say enough good things about the job he’s done. My fan-site, MitchRapFan.com, is a tribute to Vince Flynn and I plan to continue adding content to that forever!