Cover art for Joshua Hood’s thriller: ‘Warning Order’ revealed

Warning order cover
Warning Order, by Joshua Hood (due out on June 7, 2016)

The cover art for Joshua Hood’s second novel, Warning Order, was recently released and I have to admit – it looks really good!

I’m a big fan of Hood and his debut novel, Clear by Fire, as well as his protagonist, Mason Kane. Mason is unlike any of the other leading men in the genre, and Hood draws from his own military experience to write with raw intensity that’s compelling and a treat to read.

Hood, a decorated combat veteran, was kind enough to provide me with an exclusive plot synopsis for his second novel, scheduled for publication on June 7, 2016:

In the second book of the explosive Search and Destroy thriller series, Mason Kane- a special ops hero with a questionable past, joins forces with the CIA to neutralize a radical off shoot of ISIS and unravel a conspiracy emanating from the White House’s inner sanctum.

After almost losing his life, foiling a terror plot that threatened to draw the United States into another war- Mason Kane, disgraced American soldier, and special operations legend is still on the government’s blacklist.  To finally clear his name, Mason strikes a deal with the CIA- throwing himself back into the deadly world of black ops.

But when an asset tied to ISIS leads an old friend into a trap, Mason goes off the grid, and finds himself trapped in the middle of a plot involving an extremely violent, and highly capable terror cell- with ties to the President’s inner circle.  With the help of Renee Hart, a DOD operative, and a team of elite special ops soldiers, Mason is determined to stop an attack aimed at crippling the US military before time runs out.

Set in the shadows of the war on terror, and inspired by experiences of 82nd Airborne Paratrooper Joshua Hood, Warning Order is an action packed thriller full of shocking twists, and non-stop action that throws the reader into the murky world of clandestine operations.

Warning Order is one of The Book Spy’s Must-Read novels of 2016, and can be pre-ordered here. Also, if you’re not already, follow Joshua Hood on Twitter.

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