Daniel Silva offers a heartfelt reminder to honor the real heros in France

In light of the tragic terrorist attacks that took place in France, bestselling author Daniel Silva took to social media and requested his followers to remember the real heroes protecting people.

Silva, like many famous authors, has been very successful creating a fictional character (Gabriel Allon) who repeatedly saves the world from devastation. While I’m as big a fan of Allon, Rapp and Harvath as anyone, it is important to remember the real men and women who put their lives on the line to protect others.

Kudos to Silva for the thoughtful post.

Here’s the tweet that linked to what Silva posted on his Facebook page, where he added:

This past summer on tour for The English Spy, many of you asked what the next book would be about. I answered “France and ISIS.” I only wish I had been wrong. As you can imagine, Gabriel Allon and team are very busy right now… but tonight I ask you to simply honor the lives of the victims and the real heroes who are working to keep us all safe.

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