A Book Spy Review: ‘The Forgotten Solider’ by Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor, author of nine Pike Logan novels, including his latest: The Forgotten Soldier

When an ex-member of the Taskforce, a secret counterterrorist unit headed up by Pike Logan, goes dark – seeking revenge for the death of his brother – Pike is called upon to find his former teammate and stop him.

That’s the basic plot for Brad Taylor’s latest military thriller The Forgotten Soldier, an action-packed adventure that will have you turning pages like a madman as Pike and his crew work tirelessly to save the day once again.

Taylor, who has undoubtedly become the gold standard in this particular genre, is on absolute fire right now. Earlier this year he released his eighth novel in the Pike Logan series, The Insider Threat, which was, at the time, his best novel to date.

If you’ve followed me on Twitter or read my reviews, then you know how high I was on that book. Amazingly, Taylor topped himself just a few months later with The Forgotten Soldier, which I figured would be nearly impossible to do.

Note to self: when dealing with a former DELTA operator, such as Brad Taylor, always expect them to do the impossible.

Pike Logan is a compelling leading character, but Taylor has added in a wonderful secondary cast that elevates his stories to the next level. My favorite character not named Pike is, without question, Jennifer Cahill.

Cahill is wildly underrated in this genre, which doesn’t feature many women playing a butt-kicking role. In fact, outside of Brad Thor’s The Athena Project and Joshua Hood’s Renee Hart (who stars alongside Mason Kane in Clear by Fire), there are no other female characters to compare Cahill to.

She can hold her own, though, and is certainly an asset to the Taskforce, which she repeatedly proves – including in this novel.

The realism that Taylor writes with is second to none. Have you ever watched an action movie and spotted all kinds of goofs and inaccuracies? Yeah, that’s most certainly not the case here. I’ve already touched on Taylor’s decorated military career, which is something that gives him an edge over the competition. Plenty of people can write well, but not everyone understands the nuances and technical terms that play such an important role in writing military thrillers.

Nothing takes a reader out of the story faster than getting details wrong. It’s a cardinal sin that far too many authors commit, which is why Taylor’s writing is a real treat. He can do both, write and nail all the military details with equal mastery.

I knocked out The Forgotten Solider, which is the ninth novel in the Pike Logan series, in less than two days. While I would advise people to read Taylor’s other books first, mostly because they are so good, I actually think this would be a good starting point for newcomers to the series. Taylor does a good job filling in any blanks from past novels without giving too much away.

While the idea of a rogue soldier piling up bodies around the globe while being tracked by his former comrades isn’t necessarily a new idea, I felt Brad Taylor offered a very fresh and unique take on things. The story, which is packed with action, moves at a blistering pace leading up to a climatic ending that will have you glued to your seat.

I highly recommend this book for anybody that is a fan of the military thriller genre, or enjoys authors such as Brad Thor, Dalton Fury and Joshua Hood. Pre-order it here!

For more on Brad Taylor, check out his official website, and make sure to follow him on Twitter.

Book Details

Author: Brad Taylor

Pages: 428

Publisher: Dutton

Release Date: December 29, 2015

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