Ted Bell wishes fans a happy Thanksgiving, teases tenth Alex Hawke Novel

Bestselling author Ted Bell took to his Facebook page to wish his fans a happy Thanksgiving, and in the process revealed the name of his next Alex Hawke thriller!

Here’s what he had to say:

A cozy Thanksgiving Eve by the fireside finds Lord Hawke somewhere in the hills of old Vermont. As you can see, his lordship believes that the Christmas season begins with Thanksgiving. And I have so much to be thankful for. My family, my beautiful daughter Byrdie, now living in L.A., my new Hawke book, OVERLORD, and the glittering possibility of Hollywood flirting with me from across the far horizon. I want to wish each of you a most healthy, happy, and heartwarming Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones gathered round hearth and home, or wherever you are in your holiday travels…

Along with the post was a photo of Bell’s Vermont home all decked out with holiday decorations, complete with a gorgeous Christmas tree. The home is stunning, proving to be a cozy cabin-like residence that even Lord Hawke would be jealous of.

Speaking of Hawke, Lord Alex is one of my very favorite characters ever created. So as I read Bell’s thoughtful post, the reference to his next book is what jumped out at me. Apparently, while details are still very much unknown, the working title of Bell’s tenth Hawke thriller is OVERLORD.

Mr. Bell, here’s to hoping you had a fantastic holiday yourself! On behalf of book fans everywhere, I’m especially excited to read the next adventure with Lord Hawke.

Bell’s 2015 New York Times bestselling novel, PATRIOT, was one of my favorite books of the year – and my favorite in the Hawke series. After having Alex going toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin, I can’t wait to see how Bell tops himself in the next installment of the Hawke saga.

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