Publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster launches incredible ‘Give the Gift of Reading’ holiday campaign

As home to some of the most famous authors in the world, publishing giant Simon & Schuster (and their championship caliber roster of imprint companies) regularly treats readers to a wide range of incredible books year-round.

Now, for the holiday season, they’ve rolled out a new Twitter campaign aiming to connect even more readers with their books – for free!

Here’s information taken from their website, which you can read and access here.

November 28 – December 24

This holiday season, Simon & Schuster is launching the
“Give the Gift of Reading” campaign to support local independent bookstores and Literacy Partners, whose mission is to strengthen families by empowering parents through education.

All you have to do is share, post, tweet, or Instagram
a picture of yourself with the book in the store with the hashtag #Read1Give1.
For every eligible photo posted with the hashtag, Simon & Schuster
will donate a book to Literacy Partners.

So to recap, their “Give The Gift of Reading” campaign is good until December 24, 2016. To participate simply go to your local bookstore and take a photo of yourself with a book of your choice, then upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Read1Give1 sometime before Christmas Eve.

For each eligible photo, Simon & Schuster will donate a book to one of their Literacy Partners – who you can read more about here – free of charge.

This is just too easy to pass up, I’ll be posting my photo this coming weekend. Kudos to Simon & Schuster for launching such an awesome campaign!

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