Two bestselling authors offer their take on the San Bernardino shooting, and they don’t hold back!

Since the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, California two days ago, many have offered their thoughts on the tragic event. Often, those thoughts have to do with two political issues that have become front and center in the American media, and are the root topics currently dividing congress: Radical Islamic extremism, and how to deal with it, and gun control.

Several famous authors have used their platform to voice their opinion.

Brad Thor, who is maybe the biggest name in the thriller genre right now, is one of the most outspoken celebrity authors on the planet. Wednesday night he went on Fox News and didn’t hold back while offering his take on things.

While I search for a video of Thor’s appearance, here’s a few tweets from Fox News containing quotes from Thor – who spoke with Megyn Kelly:




Thor, who spoke intelligently and passionately, is a frequent contributor to Fox News and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. He’s also a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s analytical Red Cell Program, and considered and expert on terrorism.

For more minute-to-minute analysis from Brad Thor, who is truly one of the best follows on social media, follow him on Twitter.

On behalf of book fans everywhere, thank you Mr. Thor for speaking out on these critically important topics!

Dale Brown

Dale Brown is a respected, bestselling author of twenty-six novels including the 2015 thriller, Target Utopia.

Brown, on Friday, offered his strong take on things by saying the following on his Facebook page.

My take on the San Bernardino shootings: if you want to ban all handguns and rifles in the U.S., propose to BAN THEM ALL. I and my friends will vote to oppose banning weapons for self-defense. The only way you will ban all weapons from me under the Second Amendment is to take them from me by force.

The Obama administration has determined that the only way to eliminate deadly weapons in the USA is to confiscate all of them, and I believe they are devising a way to do just that. The Obama administration can’t stop active shooter situations unless they confiscate all privately-owned weapons, whether or not it violates the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This has to stop. The President is violating the Second Amendment right of U.S. citizens to posses firearms. Don’t choose safety over security.

After posting his thoughts, Brown continues his narrative by responding to several people in the comment section.

The Obama administration expresses its extreme outrage in gun violence in the U.S. He’d better realize that guns are a central part of life in the U.S. and he needs to deal with that realistically. He has two choices: train up and embrace gun self-defense training in the U.S., or confiscate guns everywhere in the U.S. to keep guns out of the hands of everyone. Guess which path he should follow.

If Pres. Obama was a true leader in the fight for gun control, he would take a stand and announce the confiscation of all privately-owned weapons in America, enforced by the ATF and FBI. But he’s not a true leader.

Twice addressing a Facebook user (by the name of Luke) directly, Brown added:

Luke: The difference is the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, dude. A driver’s license is one thing: possessing a firearm is another. You can call possessing a firearm dangerous, unqualified, or irresponsible, but the fact remains: it is legal under the U.S. Constitution, and it should remain so. You may try to change it, but I will fight you, sir, with every resource available to me.

Luke: I hear you…and then I look at the shootings in Paris, and Chicago, and New York. I would rather have a gun in my hand with an even chance to take out a rogue shooter than not have a gun. If you don’t want to carry a weapon, fine: don’t carry one. But if I can carry a weapon that might protect myself and my family from danger, I will do so. You choose. I will choose too.

He also responded to a comment from a user named Darrell by stating:

Darrell: Our Constitution was written because our citizens wanted the right to arm and protect ourselves against any foreign power. The idea that the Second Amendment restricted American citizens the right to any particular weapon or power is ridiculous.

Kudos to both Brad Thor and Dale Brown for being unafraid to voice their opinions on such hot-button issues!

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