Could Mega-author David Baldacci release new Will Robie and John Puller novels in 2016?

David Baldacci is a machine! He pumps out bestseller after bestseller, always keeping his massive fan base satisfied. From his several action-packed series, to explosive standalone novels, it seems there’s nothing Baldacci can’t write.

Check out these recent tweets by Baldacci where he teases new thrillers – or at least doesn’t close the door on certain characters.

First up, to a fan who tweeted: “I have just finished reading through The Camel Club series (for the 4th time). Has Oliver & Gang Retired? Please say NO….” he responded with:

Another fan expressed their love for the character John Puller, who stared in three of Baldacci’s novels: Zero Day, The Forgotten and The Escape. That lucky fan got a great response:

As if all that wasn’t enough, Baldacci replied to another fan who proudly posted a photo of their book collection which consisted of all novels in David’s Will Robie series. Or should I say, all the novels in the Will Robie series, so far!

While we’re still awaiting official details on any of Baldacci’s 2016 projects, we probably shouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’ll release new books in both the Puller and Robie series.

That’s a lot of exciting news for fans of David Baldacci!

Which of his series do you enjoy the most? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I have read every single book in every series ! I love them all and I look each week for news of more wonderful reading! I cannot wait for more Camel Club and John Puller to return! I adore Amos Decker and his fascinating mind.


  2. I’m going through withdrawals not having a David Baldacci book to read! I’ve read EVERY book of yours and have to have another! Waiting for another book of yours, very impatiently.


  3. Favorite is the Camel Club series and then Robie. I know a Puller is coming out soon but I would really like another Robie and hopefully someday another Camel Club .

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      • I like Robie better than Puller. In the last Puller book I was disappointed that Baldacci lowered himself to writing in a couple sex scenes. I didn’t like that. Plus, I just like the Robie character better. However, Camel Club is one of my all-time favorite series from any author.


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