Brad Meltzer taking some time away from Beecher White and the Culper Ring series?

Brad Metlzer – bestselling author and host of two television shows on the History channel: Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Brad Meltzer’s Lost History – answered a question on Twitter today that will leave fans of his Culper Ring series a little saddened.

The Culper Ring series, which stars archivist Beecher White, began in 2011 with The Inner Circle. Since then, Meltzer added The Fifth Assassin (2013) and The President’s Shadow (2015) to the franchise.

While fans, myself included, are ready for some more Beecher, it appears we’ll be waiting a while before we follow our favorite archivist around for another adventure.

In response to a fan that asked Meltzer if he was currently writing, or planning to write, a fourth Beecher novel, the author tweeted:

So while it’s sad that we have to wait a while for the next Culper Ring thriller, it’s important to remember that prior to this series Brad Meltzer primarily wrote standalone novels.

In that regard, we’re lucky to have several Beecher novels to begin with. And I suppose, on some level, absence truly does make the heart grown fonder. Whenever Meltzer revisits this series, I’ll be ready to dive back into it.

In the meantime, I have total trust in Meltzer. In fact, I’d love for him to write a legal thriller or something more along those lines.

So while we have no idea what the next two books will be about, other than that they will be new characters, there’s no reason to worry. Beecher will return at some point, and until then we can count on a couple other thrillers from one of the best authors in the genre. It’s a rare win/win scenario.

For any and all updates on the two novels Meltzer mentioned, check back often. I’ll be spying for any and all details on those!

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