BREAKING: Kyle Mills has finished the first draft of the next Mitch Rapp novel!

Merry Christmas Mitch Rapp fans, Kyle Mills just announced some very exciting news!

In a tweet sent today, Kyle Mills informed his fans that he’s finished the first draft to the new Mitch Rapp novel.

Mills, who took over the Rapp series for the late Vince Flynn, released his first contribution to the franchise with the 2015 thriller The Survivor.

The Survivor was a smash hit, earning #1 triple crown status on the New York Times Bestseller list in all three fictional categories: Hardcover, eBook, print and eBook combination.

The book Kyle Mills is currently writing will be the fifteenth novel in the Rapp franchise, and should be released sometime next fall. While we don’t know much about it yet, including the title,  you can read six specific things we do know by clicking here.

They don’t call me “The Rappologist” for nothing, you can bet I’ll be all over this one. Check back for regular updates!

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