John Sandford Announces That He’s Nearing Completion of His Latest Novel: ‘Extreme Prey’

If you’re a fan of John Sandford, I have some good news for you. The bestselling author took to his Facebook page this morning to announce that he’s nearing completion of his next novel, which is currently (after some other potential titles were rumored online) called Extreme Prey.

I won’t embed Sandford’s entire post here, as he sort of went off on a tangent that is slightly above G-rated, and I like to keep this site family-friendly. However, if you would like to read it for yourself then simply click here.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to click the link, I’ll give you a minor hint… the subject topic, that Sandford spent a few short paragraphs talking about, was once covered in an infamous episode of Seinfeld.

If that doesn’t help, this is my final hint: Shrinkage.  (If you still don’t get it, I can’t help you!)

Here’es the PG portion of Sanford’s post:

Happy New Year, everyone. I truly wish everyone a good year. No exceptions whatever. Okay, not ISIS.

I’m in the final throes of the new Prey book, which I will send off to New York on Monday, where my editor and publisher are undoubtedly arranging a ticker-tape parade on my behalf. Contrary to Internet rumors, the book will be called “Extreme Prey,” and NOT “Girl Prey on a Gone Train.” Since I’m finishing one book, well then, I must be starting another, right?
And I will be, next week – though I’m thinking about taking Wednesday off – and it’ll be the new Virgil Flowers, to arrive in October.

Extreme Prey is the follow-up to Sandford’s 2015 thriller Gathering Prey – and the twenty-sixth novel in his Lucas Davenport series. It’s scheduled to be releases on April 26, 2016 and is already available for pre-order.

Here’s the book’s plot, according to the item page on Amazon:

“After the events in Gathering Prey, Lucas Davenport finds himself in a very unusual situation—no longer employed by the Minnesota BCA. His friend the governor is just cranking up a presidential campaign, though, and he invites Lucas to come along as part of his campaign staff. “Should be fun!” he says, and it kind of is—until they find they have a shadow: an armed man intent on killing the governor . . . and anyone who gets in the way.”

So to recap:  Pre-order the book, read Sandford’s post, and avoid cold water at all costs.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first weekend of the New Year!

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