Indie Author Spotlight: ‘The Phoenix Mission’ by L. Sydney Fisher

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The wonderful L. Sydney Fisher is definitely an author to watch closely moving forward!

The best thriller authors usually start with a partial truth, then turn their imaginations loose as a way to create the rest of the story. That’s exactly what L. Sydney Fisher has done here, and she’s done it masterfully.

Fisher begins her latest action-packed thriller by detailing a secret program that took place primarily in the 1990s, when the United States army trained special agents thought to have supernatural abilities. Believe it or not, the program, named Stargate, was real.

Not much is known for sure about the real Stargate program, except that it was designed to investigate the potential benefits of using psychics in a military setting. It’s believed to have been established in 1978, and was terminated in 1995 when the CIA deemed the project a failure – claiming it wasn’t useful in any intelligent operations.

But hypothetically speaking, what if the Stargate program wasn’t a failure after all? What if it worked, and the Army really did have soldiers that harnessed supernatural abilities? And if the program was a success and these special ops soldiers truly existed, what might they have looked like? Those are the questions that hook the reader instantly, forcing you to stop whatever you’re doing and dive into this book.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

The Story

The story kicks off in 1995, introducing the reader to Sargent Major Seth Phoenix. Seth possesses the incredible gift of telekinesis, but in order to live a normal life he’s forced to keep his abilities a secret. That all changes the day terrorists, posing as soldiers, detonated a bomb at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. As the scene plays out, Seth sees one of the terrorists and decides to take action.

All those years of hiding his abilities in an effort to appear normal suddenly went out the window as Seth raised a ten-foot steel beam weighing more than 400 pounds straight in the air, then hurled it directly at the terrorist, killing him instantly and saving countless lives in the process.

To his fellow brothers-in-arms, Seth was a hero. But to one general who witnessed his supernatural attack, Seth is a potential weapon for the United States government unlike anything else in the world.

Shortly thereafter, Seth received new transfer orders and was sent to Fort Meade where he was to undergo a series of tests he had no interest in being part of.

As it turns out, the attack on Fort Bragg was just the beginning. Al Qaeda has several other attacks planned, and the FBI and CIA view Seth as their best shot as stopping them before they can be carried out.

What I loved about it

This story is quite unlike anything I’ve ever read before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. I’m no expert on supernatural abilities, but it’s obvious that the author has done extensive research and it shows in her writing.

Initially, having superpowers seems like it would be cool. But soon you realize and understand the conundrum that is Seth’s life – and it’s easy to get lost in the story as the character, even with his abilities, feels very real and relatable. Let’s face it, deep down we’re all hiding something.

I especially enjoyed the fact that the book is written so that you can’t tell exactly where the truth stops and the fiction begins. Everything is blended together nicely, and the plot moves at breakneck speeds.

Why you should read it

The Phoenix Mission is a combination of X-Men meets Hancock, but with a fresh and original take on what it might actually be like to have superhuman gifts and abilities.

That said, this book is far more than just a supernatural adventure. The author has woven plenty of espionage and spy elements into it, parts of which read like a modern twist on the old Cold War era of thrillers. Everything comes together nicely, forming a cohesive plot that will entertain a wide range of readers.

The Phoenix Mission is the perfect vacation or weekend read, and will leave you running to your computer to learn more about the Stargate program.  Bottom line – L. Sydney Fisher delivered a fantastic book that is as good as it is thought provoking!

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Book Details

Author: L. Sydney Fisher

Pages: 238 (paperback)

Release Date: December 2, 2015. AVAILABLE NOW!


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