Ted Bell Surprises Fans with Free Alex Hawke Short Story!

New York Times bestselling author Ted Bell just treated his fans to a fun “Boxing Day” gift.

Taking to Facebook, Bell published a short story about an incident he once witnessed, but in the form of an encounter between Hawke and his good friend Ambrose Congreve.

Here’s an except of what Bell wrote, but to read the full short story you will need to visit his Facebook page. While you’re there make sure to “like” his page!

BOXING DAY GIFT FOR HAWKE FANS: It’s rather a tradition in the UK for people to receive gifts on the Saturday following Christmas. I’m a bit late, but I did decide to plop myself down and pen a little Boxing Day gift in the form of a short story regarding an incident I witnessed, one that occurred recently at Harrods Department Store in London between Lord Alexander Hawke and his best friend Chief Inspector Ambrose Congreve of Scotland Yard. I hope everyone enjoys it! Happy Boxing Day!

A Christmas Tale by Ted Bell

For some years now, I have faithfully followed and recorded the gladiatorial, and sometimes titillating, exploits of Lord Alexander Hawke. But never before have I chronicled what follows here. Why? I worried that Hawke, and his friend Ambrose Congreve, might be uncomfortable seeing this tale in print. However, to my knowledge, neither gentleman possesses a modern eReader, so I can now safely share the incident with you, my loyal readers.

It was Boxing Day in London, shortly after Christmas, and Harrod’s Department Store had reduced prices drastically. The huge emporium naturally experienced a plague of rabid bargain-hunters. Pandemonium reigned supreme. However, at the two Returns windows on the fifth floor, a few dozen patrons waited patiently to exchange gifts they loathed for more suitable items. I venture to say that many of the boxes they clutched contained ties or sweaters.

At the tail end of the long queue opposite my own, whom should I spy but Chief Inspector Ambrose Congreve. Dressed in jaunty orange tweeds, a green Harrod’s bag dangling from one hand, he was making a character study of a pretty girl passing by when, a moment later, tragedy struck. The elevator slid open and who should pop out but his chum Alex Hawke, identical green bag swinging merrily, whistling ‘Frosty The Snow Man’, truly a carefree soul in the spirit of the holiday…

Again, visit Bell’s Facebook page to read the rest of the FREE, fun short story about an incident we can all relate to in one way or another. Seriously, go check it out right away.

On a side note, is anyone else jealous of just how easily Ted Bell seems to write? I swear, he could write a short story about paint drying and somehow find a way to make it fascinating. There truly is nobody more talented than Mr. Bell, and everything he writes is an absolute treat to read. Including this latest surprise Boxing Day short story!

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Check back often for details about Ted’s next Alex Hawke novel, Overlord, which will hopefully come out later this year. As soon as there are any additional details, I’ll post them here on The Book Spy!

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