Breaking: Author Nelson DeMille Makes BIG Announcement About His Next Novel

Are you a fan of Nelson DeMille? Do you love his wise-cracking character John Corey? If so, then you probably can’t wait for the next novel in the series. If that’s you, I have good news and bad news.

I’ll start with the good news first before I break your heart…

In his January newsletter, DeMille addressed his fans who were unhappy about the relationship status between Corey and his wife in the 2015 thriller Radiant Angel. Apparently, the two are in marriage counseling and will be working on their relationship moving forward. Here’s an except from the newsletter, which you can sign up for by clicking here.

Some of my readers were upset about what happened between John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield in Radiant Angel. Well, things happen. But I can now report that John and Kate are in marriage counseling, and they are working out their problems. John has admitted to being a male chauvinistic pig and a wise ass. Kate has admitted to being a humorless FBI tight-ass. They’re getting in touch with their feelings and making progress, so most likely they will appear together in the next John Corey novel.

Okay, now for the bad news.

Brace for it…

The bestselling author also announced that his next novel, which is still untitled, will not – I repeat, will not – feature John Corery. I know, I let out a Darth Vader like “Noooooooooooo!” when I read that too. I feel your pain.

Here’s what DeMille said on this topic:

My next novel, however, will not feature John Corey. I’m introducing a new male lead character whom I have not yet named. Any suggestions?

The book, too, is unnamed, but it’s set in Key West and Cuba, as I’ve said, and I’m excited about the subject and the setting.

For the record… Nelson, if you’re reading this, I’m really high on the name Ryan. I think that would be a great name for a dashing, butt-kicking hero. Just think about it!

In all seriousness, this is big news. We already knew DeMille’s next book was going to be set, at least partially, in Cuba. But I honestly never even considered that it wouldn’t feature John Corey.

I’ll continue to keep me eye on things and post any additional updates when they become available, so check back often!

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    • Not Ryan! Auto tie-in with Jack Ryan would be difficult to overcome. How about “Lynn Vladimir” +last name. With both names many options are available. Lynn Dickey, Lynn Swann, Lynn Schackelford, all of which were All Americans or all-pro. Vladimir gives a foreign tie-in as needed.

    • I have only read two John Corey books and can’t wait to find some more. I can’t put the book down once I start it. Thank you.

  1. I have convinced quite a few people to read one of the DeMille books where ‘Corey’ is a character and have received many thanks for this, mostly from my cop (retired) buddies. Most recently “. . . I really love that John Corey character . . .”. Please consider a follow up to this next book to include this character again.

  2. Happy to know the relase-date of Nelsons next book – the one from Key West and Cuba. Please.
    /A fan from Sweden named Lennart, who is a ham(sm7oic).

    • Find corey a complete turn off . Love to see this brilliant author return to books like up country and spencerville great reads please return to what u do best

      • I enjoy a author who isn’t just one note, has more then one character. I know John and Kate have issues to workout and I am OK with giving them time to work it out.
        Now how about Alexander for you new character, I means leader of men, you can make this work!

  3. Have read ALL your books and as a retired cop, AND current wise ass, I really enjoy the John Corey character. My big question is does John come up with those witty comments on his own or does Nelson take weeks and months to think them up for him. Please reconsider not using Corey in the upcoming novel. I need a good laugh or two. Thanks

  4. The “Bad news”, may in fact be “Good news-disguised” Think about it. …

    The last novel, Radiant Angel not only got rid of Kate (for the time being) but also was pretty short compared to his other Corey novels.

    I typically listen to the audio versions, as I simply don’t have the time to sit down and read. BTW- if you haven’t heard Scott Brick read DeMille’s Corey series, you have got to. He inhabits the character! You will thank me later! You can thank me here- (

    Also, in addition to being short, it lacked the story depth that a longer novel has. (Radiant Angel was about 7 hrs-unabridged, Lions Game, Night Fall, etc, about 20+ hrs.) This means- hopefully, he is putting more time into the Corey- Let’s call it the Coreys novel. (sounds like Kate is back)

    This hopefully translates into a better novel experience for us. What do you think?…



  5. How about using the name, Scott Brick, as the main character in your next novel? Scott does a GREAT job as the voice of John Corey.

  6. Please email when you have a release date for your next book which I am sure will be a best seller.

  7. Also forgot to mention I grew up in Port Washington and love his books that have been all about NYC and Long Island!! Would love a new John Corey book but hope he and his wife are back together……set on North Shore PW, Manhasset, etc.

  8. I have always loved DeMille novels since discovering them in the 80s, but definitely my favorite so far has been The Panther. It is one of only three of the John Corey novels I’ve read, and I’m anxious to read the rest.
    Hopefully his new novel, set in Cuba, will have an Hispanic main character, so give him a name like Roberto or Luis, whether he is Cuban or Cuban-American or just another Latino being used because of his undercover abilities and language skills. My Cuban ex- is named Jose though, so let’s not name the character that! Oswaldo, who wrote above, has a very Cuban name, or, even more, Lazaro. OOOOHHHHH, that’s good, because also a reference to Corey who may die and may come back to life, so THERE, you have my vote!!!
    Keep up the good work in writing Nelson, so enjoyable for your public!!!

  9. Mr. DeMille…you are my favorite author. John Corey or not….all your books grab you on page one. Looking forward to your next! (Name idea: Walt…he was my adventurer and soulmate.)

  10. Can’t wait for the next exciting-can’t-wait-to-go-to-bed-and-read from Mr. DeMille!!! Love all your novels!!!

  11. The Panther was my first John Corey novel and I have read and loved all the rest, however, my favourites of favourites is Word of Honour and Up Country. The characters of Ben Tyson and Paul Brenner just came to life and jumped out of the pages. I found I could not put them down. Please Mr Demille write another book that grips in the same way.

    • I’m bilingual, English/Spanish. Here’s a name you might like: Fausto Obregón. One of my Spanish professors told me years ago that “Obregón” was a Hispanicized version of O’Brien. And “Fausto” has all kinds of possible overtones. BTW, John Corey is one of the best fiction characters EVER, and your storytelling is both edge-of-the-seat thrilling, and FUNNY. I love all the Corey stories, but “The Panther” is my favorite. I love the books themselves, but also listen to the audios. Scott Brick IS John Corey. And before I forget, I like Paul Brenner, too. He is the kind of guy you’d want in your corner if things were looking shaky.

  12. Although I am a real fan of John Corey, I also absolutely loved “The Gold Coast” & “The Gate House”! They were the type of well-written stories that linger in your head forever. On a scale from 1-to- 10, these two books were a 15. Nelson Demille is an exceptional story teller. I look forward to anything this man writes

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