Brad Thor Goes On Backseat Driver, Reveals His Top Two Choices to Play Scot Harvath

Here’s some awesome news for Brad Thor fans. The bestselling author went on Dave Ramsey’s popular segment Backseat Driver with Ken Coleman this week and, among other things, revealed which two actors are his top choices to play Scot Harvath in the upcoming Lions of Lucerne movie.

Side Note: The Lions of Lucerne movie still doesn’t have a release date, and details remain scarce. For those unaware, Lions of Lucerne was Thor’s debut novel that introduced readers to ex-Navy SEAL turned counterterrorist operative Scot Harvath. 

First Mr. Thor stated that Warner Bros picked up the rights to his novel The Athena Project – which follows a team of female Delta Force operators – and that UFC star Ronda Rousey is attached to star in it.

As for a Harvath movie, Thor went on to explain that he spent a few years with a team doing private equity fundraising to they could start their own film company and retain the rights to the character – adding “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

As a follow-up question, Ken Coleman asked the author who he saw playing Harvath. Here’s Thor’s answer:

“I always loved Chris Pine. He has done the Jack Ryan movie, which may disqualify him for ours (Lions of Lucerne).

He then added…

“But I’ll tell you my number one favorite guy… is Scotty Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son. He’s an upcoming guy and maybe it would be fun – instead of the star making the movie, the movie would make the star.

So there you have it, Brad Thor’s number one choice to play Harvath, the ex-Navy SEAL and Secret Service agent turned counterterrorist operative, is Scott Eastwood.

Watch the complete segment below.

Scott EastwoodWho is Scott Eastwood?

Scott Eastwood, 29, is the son of legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood. He’s an actor and model, and has appeared in several films, including: Flags of Our Fathers, Grand Torino, The Forger, Texas Chainsaw 3D, and Fury.

He will also appear in this years Suicide Squad, which stars Will Smith, Jared leto, Ben Affleck, Jai Courtney and Margot Robie as imprisoned supervillains who make a deal with the government to run black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

To see Eastwood’s other projects in development, check out his IMDB page by clicking here.

I love it

From the moment Thor mentioned his name, I’ve been in love with the idea of Scott Eastwood playing Harvath. He has the right look, is the right size, and could definitely pull off the role on the big screen. He’s also young, which would allow him to grow with the character and play Harvath for many years to come.

Scott Eastwood 2
Actor Scott Eastwood is Brad Thor’s first choice to play Scot Harvath

I give it two thumbs up, but what about you? Leave me a comment and let me know who you’d like to see play Scot Harvath on the big screen.





  1. I had visualized someone more “bulked” as Harvath while reading the novels, but I think Scott Eastwood could definitely fill the role.


  2. Scott Eastwood would be an excellent actor to chosen for such an important role as the SCOT HARVATH character .He is young and the actor that is chosen for this movie role will definitely be making more than one movie because this movie is gonna be a mega hit immediately.This character has millions of fans ,who will definitely pack the movie theaters to see this movie,my entire family included.


  3. I did’nt realise it but Scott Eastwood is exactly how I imagined Scot Harvath. What a match. I am a 67 year old Grandmother and I love Scot Harvath


  4. I was wracking my brain while reading The Lions of Lucerne (I’m late to the game, as usual) as to who could play Harvath well. My first thought was Matt Damon, but he’s so embroiled and identified with the Bourne series, he’s really out of the question.

    As soon as I read “Scott Eastwood”, I knew he was the right guy.


  5. I’d never heard of Eastwood, but he’s exactly how I envision Harvath! If Eastwood shares his father’s political views, that’d be all the better for me.

    I think Pine is awesome, but he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that can kick as much butt as Harvath does.

    Can’t wait for this series to hit the screen, I fully expect it to make mint! Is be awesome to also drag Islamic terror, Chinese, Fed, and EMP threats out into the light of the silver screen as well. It’s long overdue!


  6. Kellan Lutz, Stephen Amell or Jamie Dornan would all be good choices as well but I strongly agree with Mr. Thor as Scott Eastwood would make a bad ass “Norseman”. Get this film made!!


  7. After having seen Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen with Gerard Butler, I kept thinking that his character in those movies was awfully like Harvath. Can’t get it out of my head. I know he’s not American and he’s probably too old, but still. If you haven’t seen those movies – see them. I think you’ll see the similarities. ;-D


  8. Eastwood is a good choice. I recommend Rick Dinklage for The Troll (not that there are many seasoned little guys, in Hollywood, the come close). He’s excellent in Game of Thrones.


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