Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer Announces New Book, Needs Your Help Picking a Cover!

He’s back! Bestselling author Brad Meltzer, one of my very favorite writers of all time, just announced a new novel called The House of Secrets.

Meltzer co-authored The House of Secrets with Tod Goldberg, and has teased that fans of his television show Brad Metzer’s Decoded, will love this new book. However, that’s not all.

Meltzer also posted a link to a poll where fans can vote for one of two proposed covers. Make sure to head over and vote for your favorite right away!

This type of fan interaction and involvement is something Meltzer has become known for. Very few authors keep their fans in the loop, and value their feedback, like Brad.

Last year Meltzer’s book tour for The President’s Shadow (which is now available in paperback) brought him to Michigan, my home state. I was all set to go, then several of my kids fell ill and I had to put being a dad above being a fan. But, I did have friends that went, and they raved about the author for weeks. The best part? You needed a ticket to attend the event, but they sold out. Meltzer took to Twitter to encourage everyone to come, even if they couldn’t secure a ticket, and promised to come outdoors to sign books if necessary.

True to his word, he did. He made his way outside and signed books long after the event ended. How cool is that?! (And, now that I’m thinking about it, why didn’t my buddies get me a copy?)

Meltzer has previously said that his next book won’t be part of his Beecher White series, but he’s still being asked about it on Twitter:

Oh, and with that we also know The House of Secrets will be out in June!

The month of June, by the way, is shaping up to be a great time for fans of thrillers with new books on the way from Joshua Hood, Brad Thor, Brad Taylor, Joseph Finder, Ben Coes, and now Meltzer.

Don’t forget to go vote on which cover you like best for The House of Secrets, and make sure to Check back often for details. I’ll be all over this book leading up to it’s release date!

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