See Which Author Hillary Clinton Mentioned In An Email: “Please Save The Latest — For Me”

The Wall Street Journal has a really cool tool available that lets you run a search through the batch of emails that have been released belonging to Hillary Clinton. Working on a tip from someone else, though I wish I’d have thought of this all by myself, I was able to find one mention of a certain bestselling author.

Mrs. Clinton swapped emails with someone about books, and in one email asks them to save the latest novel from:

Clinton Email Daniel Silva.jpg

Daniel SilvaSo there you have it, Hillary Clinton is a fan of Daniel Silva! Oh, and in case you’re wondering… This email is from 2012, which means Mrs. Clinton was waiting on a copy of Silva’s novel The Fallen Angel, the twelfth book in his popular Gabriel Allon series.

For what it’s worth, Hillary’s husband – former President Bill Clinton – is also an avid reader. Among his known favorite authors was the late Vince Flynn, who penned the Mitch Rapp Franchise before Kyle Mills took it over in 2015.

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