Kyle Mills Posts “How I Wrote The Survivor: Part 3,” Plus My Take On Things Moving Forward

Kyle Mills is a little bit like Santa. He doesn’t come around too often, but when he does he brings gifts!

Yesterday Mills, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, posted the third entry in his blog series explaining how he wrote The Survivor. For those that weren’t aware, Mills took over the popular Mitch Rapp series after legendary author Vince Flynn passed away in 2013. The Survivor, Mills’ first Rapp novel, was released in October of last year and has generally been well received by fans and critics alike.

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to take over such a beloved franchise, Mills job was further complicated by two matters. First, Vince Flynn had already began The Survivor, a direct sequel to his 2012 novel The Last Man. However, Flynn had only finished about three pages of the book and left behind no notes or anything to help figure out where the story was headed.

Mills took those three pages from Flynn, then wrapped a few hundred of his own around them in masterful fashion. The Survivor, in my opinion, is one of the best Mitch Rapp books to date.

Now, Mills is not perfect. And apparently there were fans who noticed things here and there that were “wrong,” and sent him an email to detail them. So, to further address those inaccuracies, Mills posted on his website breaking down the four main things fans complained about.

To see the full list, all of which I personally find to be trivial complaints, click here. for my take on things, continue reading.

Petty nonsense

Kyle Mills will never be Vince Flynn. That said, why would you want him to be? Flynn is a legend and part of an elite group of all-time great authors. But if this were the other way around, and Flynn was trying to emulate someone’s style while staying true to their characters, I doubt even he could do as well as Mills has done.

Kyle Mills is one heck of an author in his own right, and a great guy. He was a New York Times bestselling author long before taking on the Rapp gig.

It’s absolutely tragic that Flynn is gone, and my heart breaks for his family. But as far as Rapp, after Flynn, there is nobody better to continue this series than Kyle Mills. Fans should just thank their lucky stars and realized how blessed they are to have had two such capable, powerhouse authors writing in this series.

What made Flynn so special is that there’s nobody quite like him. If there was, his books wouldn’t have been so appreciated and loved by fans.

Vince gave his readers fourteen spectacular books, and in the process, he did what very few authors are able to do, which is to create a character that transcends them. Mills coming on bard marks “phase two” of the Rapp saga. To constantly compare everything he does to Vince Flynn, and scrutinize every minor detail, is a waste of time. Just sit back, relax and enjoy Mills’ future offerings. He’s a darn good writer!

If you haven’t already read The Survivor, don’t wait any longer. Order it today by clicking here. Also, make sure you check back soon, as I’m expecting more details to emerge any day about the next Rapp book – which is currently untitled – scheduled to hit bookstores sometimes this fall.

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