Just Days After His Latest Novel ‘The Wolves’ was Released, Author Alex Berenson is Already Teasing Next Book

Author Alex Berenson is a rock star in the thriller genre. His latest book, The Wolves, just hit bookstores on Tuesday and has been well received by fans and critics alike. I too really enjoyed it, and you can read my full (spoiler-free) review here.

So what does this New York Times bestselling author do while his fans are all racing out to buy his book? He’s working on the next one, of course!

Today Berenson posted the following teaser on his Facebook account:

Alex Berenson teasing next novel.jpg

I, like many fans of Berenson and his protagonist John Wells, am thrilled to know he’s already hard at work on the follow-up to The Wolves. The next book cannot come fast enough, Alex.

If you still haven’t got your copy of The Wolves, click here to order it now!

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