Masterclass: Do You Have What it Takes to Co-Author a Book with James Patterson?

If you’re on social media, then you might already be aware of the awesome contest mega-famous author James Patterson has presented to his fans and followers. For those that don’t know, Patterson is offering the chance for one person to co-author a novel with him. Do you love to write and wonder if you have the chops to make it as an author? Here’s the details…

Patterson kicks speaks to the opportunity he’s presenting aspiring authors by saying: “There are a lot of people who have the talent, but haven’t been shown the door to walk through.”—James Patterson

Once again putting his money where his mouth is, Patterson isn’t just showing writers what door to walk though — he built the door, and is holding up wide open for them! The author has promised to pick one student from his online Masterclass, and that person will co-author a book with him in the future.

To enroll in the class, or to learn even more about Patterson’s contest, click here. Best of luck to everyone that enters!

In a giving mood

The writing contest, which could absolutely change someone’s life, is only a small part of the good that Patterson is doing to give back. He’s also pledged $2 million of his own money to independent bookstores and school libraries. That pledge, which was made last December, is already bearing fruit for a number of schools and bookstores –and Patterson has even received an award for his generosity.


New Book

If you’re a fan of Patterson’s novels already, or you’d just like to support the author because of all he’s doing to better peoples lives, then don’t forget that his latest book NYPD Red 4 is on bookstore shelves now!

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