Goodreads Giveaway: Enter for a Chance to Win an Advance Copy of Joseph Finder’s Upcoming Novel ‘Guilty Minds’

If you don’t already have a Goodreads account, it’s time to make one! Don’t worry, it’s completely free–and you could win an advance copy of Joseph Finders upcoming novel Guilty Minds, which hits bookstores on June 7th. 

Guilty Minds is the third book in Finder’s Nick Heller series, following Vanished (2009) and Buried Secrets (2011), and is one of the most anticipated mystery-thriller novels of the year. To enter the Goodreads contest, click here.

Dutton (Finders publisher) is only giving away ten copies through Goodreads and there’s already over 180 people signed up for the giveaway, which ends on March 22, 2016. So if you’re not one of the lucky winners, make sure to pre-order your copy as soon as possible. 

Here’s more info about Guilty Minds, taken straight from Amazon product page:

New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder delivers an exhilarating and timely thriller exploring how even the most powerful among us can be brought down by scandal, and how the lies we tell one another—and ourselves—can never truly stay buried.
The chief justice of the Supreme Court is about to be defamed by a powerful gossip website called Slander Sheet, which specializes in dirt on celebs and politicians. Their top reporter has written an exposé claiming that he had liaisons with an escort, a young woman willing to appear on video and tell the world her salacious yet convincing tale. But the chief justice is not without formidable allies, and his greatest supporter is determined to stop the story in its tracks.

Nick Heller is a private spy—a private intelligence operative based in Boston, hired by lawyers, politicians, and even foreign governments. Known as both a maverick and a dedicated, high-powered investigator, he’s called to Washington, DC, to help out in this delicate, potentially explosive situation.

Nick has just forty-eight hours to prove the story about the chief justice is baseless. But when the call girl is found murdered, the case takes an unexpected and dangerous turn, and Nick resolves to find the true mastermind behind the Slander Sheet story before anyone else falls victim to the maelstrom of political scandal and ruined reputations predicated upon one carefully concealed secret.  

I should be getting a copy soon, so stay tuned for my review of Guilty Minds which should go up in the next few weeks. Until then, I recommend using the time between now and June 7th to get caught up on the other two Nick Heller novels so you can hit the group running as soon as this one comes out. 

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