Bestselling Author C.J. Box Explains to Readers who Exactly Joe Pickett is

I love hearing authors talk about their series protagonists. It was Vince Flynn, and the way he described who Mitch Rapp was to him, that got me hooked. Ever since then I always try to pay attention to what a character’s creator has to say about the the person we follow from book-to-book cheering for along the way.

After sixteen books, including this month’s Off The Grid, I feel like I know who Joe Pickett is. Author C.J. Box has developed not just him, but the entire Pickett family, better than any other character in a long running series–at least in my opinion. Daniel Silva might be a close second with his Gabriel Allon books.

So while I know who Joe Pickett is to me, I was thrilled to see that C.J. Box posted this link on his Facebook page just moments ago, titled: “About Joe Pickett.” You can see the original post by clicking here, or view the actual link here. Otherwise, scroll down to see the graphic that contains what Box had to say about Joe Pickett.

C.J. Box About Joe Pickett.png

I love the line that says “When I think of Joe Pickett, I don’t think of an action hero, or a smooth operator, or an actor.” That goes perfectly with “He’s human, and real, which means he sometimes screws up.” Together, those quotes perfectly sum up who Joe Pickett is, at least in my mind. 

A special thanks to C.J. Box for posting this today. If you haven’t already pre-ordered Off The Grid, click here to do so now!

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