BREAKING: C.J. Box Announces Joe Pickett TV Show has been Withdrawn from Producers

Moments ago C.J. Box announced via his verified Facebook account that he’s withdrawn the Joe Picket television project from the producers who were in charge of developing it because he didn’t like the direction they were taking in adopting his novels to fit on the small screen.

Here’s his post–which you can visit by clicking here. Scroll down to read why I couldn’t be happier with today’s announcement, even though I’d love to see a Joe Pickett television series in the future. 

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Look, I’d love to see a Joe Picket TV series as much as any other fan of the novels, but only if it’s done right. That means, as Box stated, that the integrity of the characters and everything else he’s built over the course of sixteen novels (including tomorrow’s Off The Grid) must be preserved. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

A lot of authors, but certainly not all of them, give up creative control once they sell the rights to their novels. I applaud C.J. Box for caring more about keeping things true to the stories he created, which we as fans have loved for many years and hold near and dear to our Pickett-loving hearts. 

Let’s face it, a Joe Picket television series not based closely on the books–isn’t even a Joe Pickett television series! It’s just a bunch of characters kind of like the ones in the books, running around bearing their names without embodying the traits and qualities we love and respect most about Box’s characters. Sorry Hollywood, we’ll wait for the real deal! 

Way to go Mr. Box, and thanks for putting your fans first yet again. 

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  1. Agreed! Good for CJ Box for sticking to his guns. (No pun intended, but if he’s like Joe, hopefully a shotgun, not a handgun.) Unlike a certain other author who let Hollywood ruin the character he’d so carefully crafted for what I can only assume was for $$$, the right producer will come along for Box. Joe Pickett is too good a character for some Hollywood schmuck to you-know-what up.

    • Bet you mean the Jack Reacher novels!! No way does Tom Cruise even come close to portraying a credible Jack Reacher!!

  2. I am so happy that you are staying true to the work you have written. I love the books and to change anything would be so wrong. Funny, I pictured Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights as a possibility for Joe.

  3. So glad to know that you will stick to your guns on this. Please stay true to your word. Considering how others panned out. Some of them so disappointing compared to the. Especially character transfered to the movie screen. Not good. Especially through the Lee Child series. Just saying. My companion and I love reading your Joe Pickett novels.

  4. I so agree! I’m so hooked on the entire group of characters and integrity of all of them…. to change or alter any of it WOULD change the quality of the writing. Janet

  5. I pick Timothy Olyphant for Joe Pickett, Liam Neesom as Nate Romanowski, and Charleze Theron as Marybeth,
    (and Walton Coggins as Joe’s FBI friend Chuck Coon).

  6. I LOVE these books and have bought every one and am now waiting for the last book which I have preordered. No TV series. I just love curling up and reading them.

  7. Also a very strong fan of the book series. Have read them all, in sequence. We readers all form images in our minds of how these fictional characters would look in life. Almost all the time when a TV or movie tries to depict literary figures, there is a letdown to the reader. The only exception I can think of is the iconic TV movie series, “Lonesome Dove.” Personally, I would like to keep the images I have of the characters as they are in my mind. In passing, THANKS to Mr. Box for creating this wonderful series!

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