Mitch Rapp Movie: CBS may be Gearing up to make a big Announcment Soon, Possibly on Wednesday! (with Update)

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UPDATE: 8:00am

I wish I had more news for you guys, but so far the only thing I’ve learned after hearing from a source is that the news will NOT be an announcement for the casting of Mitch Rapp. I still expect CBS Films to releases news about the American Assassin movie though, so stay tuned!  


I really don’t have much–and by much, I mean I don’t have anything–but CBS Films did just finally respond to a tweet that I’m grouped into and may have possibly tipped their hand in the process. Maybe.

Here’s the tweet, you be the judge:

Now here’s what I can tell you about CBS Films, they don’t play around. They have been calculated in their approach to releasing information about the upcoming American Assassin movie. They don’t tweet or talk about the project for no reason. So if they are willing to put out a tweet like that, expect news–soon!

Here’s what we know about the film so far: On January 19, 2016 it was announced that Michael Cuesta signed on to direct American Assassin. Stephen Schiff will write the script based on Vince Flynn’s bestselling novel of the same name. Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Nick Wechsler are set to produce the film.

I don’t want to speculate on what any potential casting news might be, but the most obvious thing would of course be an announcement for the role of Mitch Rapp. However, we cannot forget what a big deal it was a few years ago (last time this movie went into production, before the project fell apart) that Bruce Willis was on negotiations for the role of Stan Hurley.

My gut says CBS Films found their man to play the role of a young Mitch Rapp, and boy would that be HUGE news!

I’ll of course be right on top of the situation tomorrow, and will update with any additional news so make sure to check back often!  

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