Brad Taylor has completed ‘Ghosts of War,’ due out June 28th

Brad Taylor might just be the busiest man in publishing, consistently releasing two Pike Logan novels a year. Like, two actual novels, which he writes himself, unlike some other authors who release multiple titles each year with the help of co-authors–not that there’s anything wrong with that! (Any Seinfeld fans in the house?)

Taylor’s tenth Pike Logan thriller, titled Ghosts of War, is scheduled to come out on June 28th, 2016–so it’s a darn good thing the bestselling author just recently finished it! Check out some of the posts from Brad’s official Facebook page below. 

Brad Taylor Facebook post 1Brad Taylor Facebook post 2Brad Taylor Facebook post 3

Taylor, who is personally one of my favorite authors, is also one of the most engaging big-name authors in the genre when it comes to fan interaction on social media. If you aren’t reading his books, you’re missing out on some of the most thrilling, action-packed and authentic novels in the game today. Change than by ordering his first book, One Rough Man, by clicking here

If you’re already a big fan of Brad Taylor and his Pike Logan series, then click here to pre-order Ghosts of War today

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