Brad Taylor Teases new Pike Logan Short Story

Brad Taylor, quite possibly the busiest man in the world, just dropped an awesome bomb on his fans. It all went down when Taylor, the bestselling author of the Pike Logan thrillers, was testing out a new app on his Facebook account.

During the fourteen second clip, Taylor can be seen riding shotgun (and manning the GPS?) while working away on his laptop while traveling to his daughters volleyball tournament. Gesturing to his computer, Taylor says he is “in the car, typing the next short story, Dark Angel…” 


And there you have it, just like that Brad Taylor causally announced he is writing a Pike Logan short story titled Dark Angel! 

Now, it’s unclear whether Dark Angel will take place between Taylor’s last novel, The Forgotten Soldier, and his upcoming book, Ghosts of War, or if it will take place after both and come out later this year. I’ll update this article when more information becomes available. 

In the meantime, Ghosts of War, which comes out on June 28th, is already available for pre-order by clicking here. Purchase your copy today, and stay tuned for more info about Dark Angel

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