Pre-order Ben Coes’ Upcoming Novel ‘First Strike,’ and get a FREE Dewey Andreas Short Story!

So much for a lazy, boring Sunday. Ben Coes just made things exciting by announcing that he will be releasing a new Dewey Andreas short story! 

The short story, which is titled Exfiltration, will be available soon–and free for anyone who pre-orders Coes’ upcoming novel First Strike. Scroll down for additional plot details, taken from Coes’ newsletter–which you can sign up for here

In the world of covert operations, “exfiltration” is the term for pulling someone out of a hostile zone.

Dewey is trapped off the coast of Estonia. Alone and close to death. But his biggest problem is the posse of agents from Russian intelligence who want him dead. He needs to be extracted – and soon. He needs exfiltration.

As thanks for pre-ordering the next Dewey Andreas thriller, First Strike, you will receive Exfiltration. More details to follow – in the meantime don’t forget to pre-order. If you have already, thank you – we’ll let you know soon about how to get your free copy of this Dewey Andreas story.

First Stike comes out on June 28 and is, in my opinion, Coes’ best novel yet by a mile. In fact, it’s one of the most action-packed novels I’ve ever read and a legitimate can’t-put-it-down-for-nothing, thriller. If you even semi-enjoy the thriller genre, you will love this book. And if you really enjoy political thrillers, well, you’ll absolutely devour First Strike

Read my full, spoiler-free review here. Or click here to pre-order First Stike today! 

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