Watch: James Rollins and Grant Blackwood Swing By The Poisoned Pen To Talk About Their New Novel ‘War Hawk’

If you’re an avid reader and don’t know about The Poisoned Pen bookstore (located in Scottsdale, Arizona), then you’re missing out. Why would anyone not living in Arizona care about this bookstore? Because they do a TON of events with bestselling authors, and they always host the events while streaming them live online for everyone to watch! 

A few days ago, James Rollins and Grant Blackwood stopped by The Poisoned Pen to talk about their new novel called War Hark–a spinoff of Rollins’ Sigma Force series–which stars Tucker Wayne and his war dog, Kane.

Scroll down to watch the video of the event, which is a ton of fun and filled with lots of great tidbits about upcoming projects from both authors. 

Special thanks to The Poisoned Pen for being awesome enough to let those of us too far away to visit, still partake in the fun online!

(Note: you don’t actually have to live in Arizona to purchase books from The Poisoned Pen bookstore. Along with hosting great events all the time, they also partner in exclusive giveaways and sell signed copies of books–all of which can be purchased online or by calling their store. Check out their website by clicking here!)


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