Bestselling Author John Sandford Thanks, Then Appologizes To His Fans

John Sandford’s Extreme Pray is a New York Times bestseller, and for that the author is thankful to his fans and readers. However, he also posted an apologize to his fans and social media followers for “neglecting” both them and the book club he runs via his Facebook page.

For those following along, Sandford was late picking a novel for the book club participants to read this month–which is where the apology comes in. Fear not, though, because he has a very good excuse that I’m sure all of his fans will understand.

Sandford has another book coming out in October called Escape Clause, which is part of his Virgil Flowers series. It turns out, he’s behind on the manuscript–which was due last week–and was given an extension from his editor. Here’s an excerpt from his post, or you can click here to read the entire thing.

I should have posted a book club book at least three weeks ago, but I didn’t get to it – I’m just pushing too hard on the new Virgil Flowers novel, which is due out in October. I should have sent it off to New York last Monday, but I begged my editor for an extension, and got it – I’ve now got to May 15. I’ve still got some writing and editing to do, and have been focusing on that. So if you’re in the book club, I apologize for the neglect, but I’ve been pretty burned out

Again, I’m sure Sandford’s fans will understand. Heck, I bet most of them would prefer him to be working on his next book, instead of worrying about the book club. Still, it was very cool of him to post what he did, so I give him credit for that.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… he picked The Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child for this months book club pick.

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