Check Out The Awesome Cover Art On The Paperback Version of Ted Bell’s Bestselling Novel ‘Patriot’

This year, a lot of political thriller authors are writing Russia into their novels. Ted Bell, bestselling author of the Alex Hawke series, originally addressed the threat that Russia poses back in 2008 with his fifth Hawke book, TSAR. Russian President Vladimir Putin was also the antagonist in Bell’s last novel, Patriot, which came out in September of last year.

We’re still waiting on details for Bell’s next Hawke novel, titled OVERLORD, but in the meantime fans will be able to pickup Patriot in paperback on June 28th.

To read my review of Patriot, click here. In short, it was hands down one of my favorite thrillers to come out last year, and a must-read for fans of the political thriller genre. Hawke is one of the most fascinating characters in print today, and the perfect mix of Ian Flemming’s James Bond and Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp. Even if you’ve never read any of Ted Bell’s previous books, readers can easily grab a copy of Patriot and jump into the series with ease.

To see the awesome cover art on the paperback version of Patriot, scroll down. Otherwise, click here to pre-order your copy for just $9.99 on Amazon!

Patriot (Paperback).jpeg

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