BREAKING: Deadline Reports That Actor Dylan O’Brien Is In Talks To Play Mitch Rapp In ‘American Assassin’

DylanIf you’re a fan of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series, this is the news we’ve been waiting for! While it’s still unconfirmed by CBS Films, Deadline is reporting that Dylan O’Brien is currently in negotiations to play Rapp in the film adaption of Flynn’s American Assassin.

American Assassin is the first novel in the Mitch Rapp series and introduces readers to a twenty-three-year-old Rapp who is recruited fresh out of college by the CIA to join their covert terrorist-hunting unit, the Orion Team. The story details Rapp’s training, done at the hands of a CIA lifer and Cold War spy named Stan Hurley–and his first mission for the Central Intelligence Agency.

It’s unknown at this time how closely the movie will follow the book. In fact, all we knew prior to this morning was that Michael Keaton has already been signed to play Stan Hurley. So Deadline’s report that Dylan O’Brien, who is best known for playing the starring role in the Maze Runner movies, is in talks to play Mitch will surely send shock waves through the Rapp fan base.

Deadline also reported that CBS Films will work around O’Brien’s recovery–the actor was recently injured on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which made headlines back in March.

My Thoughts

It’s no secret that CBS Films has actively been searching for the perfect young actor to Mitch Rapp, and it looks like they found their guy. Many in the business have viewed playing Rapp as a career-making role for whichever young actor lands the part. Finding someone young was important, with the idea that they can sign on long-term and really grow into the role.

In Dylan O’Brien, CBS Films is getting an established actor who is just twenty-four. He absolutely has the right look and features to play Mitch, though I expect we’ll be seeing photos of him hitting up the gym very soon!

Personally, I love the casting–if a deal does indeed get done.

With O’Brien as Rapp and Keaton set to play Hurley, the next big role to cast is that of Irene Kennedy–Rapp’s handler at the CIA. So stay tuned for more information and, in the meantime, check out Deadlines report here.

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  1. As a MITCH RAPP fan and a fan of the late VINCE FLYNN this is great news.I have the entire series ,twice.As an avid reader and book collector.I honestly will say to any reader and book collector like myself ,that is the greatest series ever written.What is needed now is some great movies to go along with this great book series and character.

  2. This looks promising. The writers, director, and producers, make or break any film project, regardless of the cast. Haven’t heard anything about the production team or what names are going to be working on it.

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