A Book Spy Review: ‘Don’t You Cry’ by Mary Kubica

51C-qS47EAL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Think you can run away from your past? 

Think again!

Esther Vaughan is a nice, quiet woman who shares an average-looking apartment with her friend, Quinn. Then one night, out of the blue, Esther goes missing from their Chicago home. Nothing has been left behind to suggest where she may be going, nor are there any clues as to who may have snatched her. She’s just vanished without a trace. 

While going through Esther’s things, Quinn uncovers a secret letter that Esther had kept safely tucked away. The letter is concerning in more ways than one and gives Quinn plenty of reasons to be afraid. Left suddenly wondering how well she truly knows her friend and roommate–if at all–Quinn goes searching for answers. 

In her searching, Quinn’s discoveries bring more questions than answers. Evidently, Esther had taken out an ad looking for a new roommate and made plans to have the locks on their apartment changed. But why? The two hadn’t been fighting, so this was all a surprise to Quinn.

Then comes the real gut-turner, a shocking revelation about what happened to Esther’s former roommate. Scared out of her mind and in dire need of answers, Quinn presses on to find Esther and expose the truth once and for all–-if she can stay alive long enough to do so. 

The story is told through alternating points of view, switching between Quinn and a young guy named Alex, whose role is confusing at first, but makes sense later on in the book. With lots of twists and turns, Mary Kubica keeps readers guessing right up until the stunning conclusion, which is a satisfying ending for a sneaky good book. 

Don’t You Cry is a  wickedly fun psychological thriller that will keep you up all night and make you question how well you know the people you’re currently living with. 

My Thoughts

Mary Kubica is a rising star and a master at writing creepy thrillers that will have you checking all the locks on your doors and windows, as well as learning to sleep with a light on. Written with the same suspense and eeriness as Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, fans of those novels will likely devour Don’t You Cry in just a few hours’ time.

I found myself really enjoying this book, even though I’m not the biggest fan of psychological thrillers. Yes, some parts are completely over the top and, at times, even downright silly, but you expect that stuff going into it. Obviously, these stories aren’t happening in real life–and if they are, well, Lord help us all! 

Kubica’s style is fresh and unique, staying true to her strength–which is dialing up the suspense until it reaches boiling temperatures. While I found some of the characters out of place and confusing until their role was better explained, I thought they were all tied up nicely in the end. 

If you’re looking for a story to suck you in and get your heart pumping, Don’t You Cry would be a worthy pick to meet all of your suspense-loving, thrill-seeking needs! 

Book Details 

Author: Mary Kubica

Pages: 312 (Hardcover)

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: May 17, 2016 (Order now!)

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