Joel Rosenberg Is “Racing To Finish” The Follow-Up To ‘The First Hostage’

Last year, bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg released the first two novels in his brand new series about a New York Times reporter named J.B. Collins who chases a story about ISIS. The Third Target came out in January of 2015, followed by The First Hostage–which was released last December.

Now it appears Rosenberg is working to finish the third novel, which should come out later on this year (though no official release date has been announced). 

 If you’ve followed Rosenberg’s career, then you know this is the third series the author has written. His first series, beginning with The Last Jihad, consists of five books. He then penned a trilogy (starting with The Twelfth Imam) about a CIA agent who investigates the emergence of the Mahdi, a prolific End Times player according to believers of Islam. 

The question then, in regards to Rosenberg’s J.B. Collins series, is whether or not the untitled novel the author is currently working on will be the last one of the franchise?

Honestly, it could probably go either way. According to a source, though, Rosenberg signed a new four-book deal with Tyndale House Publishers in later 2014. Unfortunately, I’ve been able to confirm which book was the first one published under that deal. 

That could be a huge clue into guessing whether or not J.B. Collins will be around longer than just one more book. If the first novel under his new deal was The Third Target then I would guess we’ll get two more Collins’ adventures but, again, I’ve not been able to confirm that. Check back, though, I’ll update this article just as soon as I’ve heard something more concrete. 

Regardless, I know many readers–including me–are anxiously awaiting any further details about Rosenberg’s upcoming book. Whether it’s the last book in the series or not (I hope it’s not),  I cannot wait to get my hands on it whenever it comes out!

Update 5/15 (5:24pm)

Rosenberg tweeted this response to seeing the article:


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