Giveaway Alert: Enter Now For Your Chance To Win Copies Of Joseph Finder’s ‘The Fixer’ and ‘Guilty Minds’

Talk about a no-brainer, Joseph Finder’s publisher (Dutton) is giving away copies of his 2015 novel The Fixer, and this summer’s Guilty Minds–and it only takes about thirty seconds to enter the giveaway. Simply go here, then fill out the required fields (there’s no purchase necessary) for your chance to win. 

The contest ends on May 17th, so hurry up and enter while you still can!

I’ve been talking up Guilty Minds ever since I read it a couple of months ago as a must-read book for every fan of the genre. It is, without question, one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. You can read my full,  spoiler-free review here. And even if you don’t win the contest, make sure you still head over and pre-order Guilty Minds, in stores on July 19th. 


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