A Memorial Day Tribute To Vince Flynn, Author of ‘Memorial Day’ and Twelve Other Mitch Rapp Novels

Vince Flynn
Vince Flynn 4/6/1966-6/19/2013
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A Memorial Day post centered on Rapp could seemingly write itself. After all, the seventh novel, in chronological order, of the Rapp franchise is titled Memorial Day and just so happens to be one of my very favorite books.

Flynn has authored fourteen New York Times bestselling novels, thirteen of which follow CIA counterterrorism operative, Mitch Rapp, as he works to keep America free and clear of another attack in a post 9/11 world.

Readers were first introduced to Mitch Rapp in the 1999 mega-hit, Transfer of Power. Flynn went on to write nine more Rapp novels before finally going back and telling Mitch’s origin story in 2010.

Eleven years after Rapp saved the President from a group of terrorists that took over the White House in Transfer of power, American Assassin hit bookstores.

The beginning pages show a young Rapp arriving at the home of Stan Hurley, a veteran operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, tasked with teaching him how to kill for his country. The first half of the book chronicles Rapp’s training, allowing the reader to better understand how Rapp became the CIA’s greatest weapon against terrorism.

The title alone, American Assassin, is somewhat striking. Rather than beat around the bush, Flynn openly champions that his character kills bad guys to protect innocent Americans. That takes serious courage in today’s hyper state of political correctness.

Rapp isn’t just willing to kill for his country, however, he’s also willing to die, if necessary, trying to protect it. That’s especially the case in the book Memorial Day, released in 2004.

The real purpose of celebrating Memorial Day every year is to honor fallen members of this great nation’s armed forces. We currently live in a day and age where it is considered “offensive” to certain individuals if we proudly display our country’s iconic and triumphant flag.

Vince Flynn 7No matter how you look at it, however, it’s indisputable that America rose to greatness because of the many brave men and women who were willing to die fighting for what they believed in.

Whether they perished on the battlefield or later in life, our servicemen are all true heroes. Not just the famed few we’ve come to know through biopics and novels, such as Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, or Marcus Luttrell, the Lone Survivor.

These are two prime examples of patriotic soldiers who willingly sacrificed to help keep their fellow American citizens safe and free. They represent the very best of the countless unsung heroes who came before them, are currently serving, or are yet to serve.

The American flag, majestically painted red, white and blue, is a beautiful symbol that represents freedom and liberty to all.

Mitch Rapp is, of course, a fictional character, but he was created by a man who had great respect for those risking their lives to keep America safe. Vince Flynn wrote books we love, about a character who stands on the front lines against anyone plotting to hurt innocent Americans. Rapp loves this country and is committed to it. In return, readers love Mitch and continue to embrace his character.

Flynn’s novel, Memorial Day, which he dedicates to “the men and women who serve,” is a fictional story about Islamic terrorists who planned a nuclear attack on America, and the brave men who work tirelessly to stop them. Rapp is, and always will be the main character but there’s at least one critical scene featuring a military operation where he’s not present.

A sixteen-member platoon of Delta Force operatives storm a Pakistani terrorist compound. Vince Flynn once again proves himself to be the Picasso of writing action scenes, even without Rapp present on the ground. It’s as if Flynn wanted the military guys to get all the credit they deserve for their real-life heroics, not Mitch.

When the military raid proves fruitful, as a large plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in Washington D.C. During a Memorial Day ceremony is uncovered, Rapp finds himself in a race against time to keep the bomb from going off and killing millions of Americans.

The pacing is brilliant, the story is gripping, and the only downside is that you’ll find yourself up all night unable to put the book down. Memorial Day is the perfect thriller for anyone looking for an action-packed, yet thought provoking, read for the long weekend.

Mitch Rapp is America’s favorite assassin but, once again, Vince Flynn, a true patriot, proved why he’s one of America’s most beloved authors.

However you chose to spend your day, whether it be at a local Memorial Day parade or home with your family, whenever you see our nation’s flag, remember that the vibrant shade of Old Glory Red represents blood shed for you and me.

God bless those who died serving and protecting our country, and God bless America.

A quote from Memorial Day:

Bobby Akram: “If we wait another day or two I’m very confident I can get him to talk.”

Mitch Rapp: “My patience has run out. If you don’t get him to talk, I will.”

– Vince Flynn, Memorial Day

Book Details

Author: Vince Flynn

Pages: 416 (Hardcover)

Publisher: Atria Books

Release Date: May 4, 2004 (Order now!)

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