Watch: Ben Coes Releases Book Trailer For Upcoming ‘First Strike’

Ben Coes First StrikeI’ve been telling anyone and everyone who will listen that First Strike, Ben Coes upcoming Dewey Andreas novel hitting bookstores on June 28th, is one of my favorite books being released this year. In fact, it’s one of the best thrillers I’ve read since Vince Flynn’s Protect and Defend and, without question, Coes’ best work to date.

In First Stike, ISIS responds to America intercepting one of their weapons caches by taking over an entire dormitory at Columbia University, holding hundreds of students hostage. They then vow to execute one student for each hour they are made to wait for the release and delivery of their weapons.

With the entire dormitory wired to blow should a rescue attempt be attempted , and arming the terror group seemingly out of the question, America soon finds herself in an impossible situation. With the clock quickly ticking down to bloodshed and no viable options on the table, America turns to Dewey Andreas to once again try and save the day.

To read my full review of First Strike, click here. Otherwise, scroll down and check out Ben Coes’ awesome new book trailer that is sure to get your blood pumping.

Whatever you do, do not miss this heart-pounding thriller. Pre-order First Strike now, get it delivered on June 28th! 

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