International Bestselling Author Simon Gervais Signs New Book Deal To Continue His Mike Walton Series

If you’re one the many fans of Simon Gervais’ Mike Walton series, which began with last year’s The Thin Black Line and continues with this year’s A Red Dotted Line (out on November 1), then get your happy dance ready because Gervais just signed a new book deal to continue his series into next year.

I started hearing rumors yesterday that a deal was in the works, but didn’t learn that things had finalized until early this morning. Still, it wasn’t confirmed until Gervais responded to my initial tweet.

I’ve since gotten my hands on the official announcement, which should come out sometime tomorrow. Scroll down to check it out:

“International bestselling author and former federal agent Simon Gervais’s third installment in his Mike Walton thriller series A THICK CRIMSON LINE in which a husband and wife counter-terrorism team must stop two generations of sleeper agents bent on destroying the American political apparatus.”

Congrats to Simon and his team, as this is a great day for thriller fans. If you haven’t read Gervais’ books, I definitely recommend checking them out. Also, check back in a few days to my full review of A Red Dotted Line

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