Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon Heading To The Small Screen?

Daniel Silva Authoer picFirst and foremost, if you’re not reading Daniel Silva’s novels, you’re missing out in a big way. Silva is one of the spy genre’s most notable and iconic authors. While his novels aren’t always full of nonstop action, they’re heavy on character development and timely, original plotlines. And don’t worry, there’s more than enough gunfights and explosions to keep your adrenaline pumping!

Silva’s protagonist, Gabriel Allon, is Israel’s most lethal foreign intelligence operative. He’s also one of the best art restorers in the world, a job that provides him with a valuable cover when his work with the Office requires him to travel around the world. (The Mossad, which is similar to America’s CIA, is referred to only as “the Office” is Silva’s books)

The Gabriel Allon series is currently sixteen books long with its most recent entry, The Black Widow, having hit bookstores earlier this month. For new readers looking to start from the beginning, Allon’s story begins with The Kill Artist (2001). 

Silva, who is on tour right now promoting The Black Widow, stopped at Brookline Booksmith in Massachusetts last night for a signing event. 

According to Brian, my Massachusetts-area correspondent, Silva was asked during a Q&A whether or not fans might ever get to see a Gabriel Allon Movie. Instead, he indicated that something in indeed in the works, but not a movie.

Without offering up many details, the author implied that a small screen adaption of one of his books is coming, mentioning specifically that you’ll get to see Allon “kick butt for eight hours.”

Again, details are scarce, so I’m only speculating here, but it sure sounds like rather than a major motion picture, Gabriel will star in a limited series. Book fans have seen several bestselling series made into television shows both on network TV, as well as paid subscription services like Netflix (Longmire), HBO (Game of Thrones), and Amazon (Bosch). 

My best guess is that whoever is producing and distributing this project is turning one of Silva’s books into an eight-episode (each an hour long) mini-series that, if it’s successful, could return for more seasons down the road. As for which book the project might be based on, I haven’t a clue. Your guess is as good as mine. 

It seems logical that an Allon mini-series would be based on The Kill Artist since that first introduced the world to Gabriel, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence. However, that’s no guarantee, as it wouldn’t be too hard to skip the origin story and start with a different book altogether. 

Heck, with Russia once again dominating headlines, it wouldn’t shock me see the plot of Moscow Rules used instead.

Also, a lot of Silva’s books start out with Gabriel living away from Israel and his work with the Office, only to be recruited back into action (usually by Ari Shamron). Any of those stories could serve as an introduction to those who haven’t read the books but decide to check out the mini-series, whenever and wherever it airs.

I’m digging for more answers and information and hope to update this article soon. Stay tuned! 



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