A Book Spy Review: ‘Devil Sent The Rain’ By Lisa Turner

lisa-turner-the-devil-sent-the-rainMemphis PD detectives Billy Able and Frankie Malone respond to a crime scene just in time to find an ex-con making off with the victim’s money, presumably after he killed her. To his horror, Able recognizes the dead body and positively identifies her as Caroline Lee, a friend from his past. She was shot in her Camaro, wearing a wedding dress, and left there to rot.

Caroline comes from a very wealthy family. The Lees own a variety of businesses, including a successful bank and law firm. Billy hasn’t seen Caroline since high school, where they shared a brief teenage romance before their lives split in different directions. Mr. Lee, Caroline’s father, was never a fan of Billy, whom he considered beneath his daughter on the social spectrum. So she left town, went to college, and became a lawyer. Now she’s dead, and Billy struggles with his personal feelings while working the case.

As his investigation gets underway, Billy soon realizes that Caroline’s family still doesn’t think all that highly of him. But a little digging around changes their mood once Billy discovers that they have some secrets they’d like to keep under wraps. That’s not to say he goes from zero-to-hero with the Lee family, but the dynamics definitely shift.

On the short list of presumed suspects is Caroline’s ex-fiancé, Raj Sharma, a renowned doctor. She’d called off the engagement, and the doctor and his family weren’t happy about it. Were they mad enough to kill her, though? Billy isn’t sure, but he can’t rule it out. Raj shares a different side of the story and, after all, Caroline was found dead in a wedding dress, which could mean she had taken him back–or wanted to.

And then there’s Caroline’s brother, who sends off one shady vibe after another, and wasn’t particularly close with his sister. The two may have a work dispute, so Billy investigates that angle as well.

Adding to the overall mystery is the missing-persons case surrounding one of Caroline’s cousins. Billy has his work cut out for him, but at least he has his trusty partner. Frankie brings energy and a fun dynamic to the detective’s relationship. As a woman, she sees things different than Billy and the duo plays well off each other’s strengths.

Outside of Billy and Frankie, though, the rest of the cast is  a tad underdeveloped. However, on a positive note, the dialogue is crisp and engaging. And when it comes to whodunit mysteries, Lisa Turner knows how to keep the plot moving with plenty of curveballs to keep readers off-balance. 

The Devil Sent the Rain is right on par with Turner’s last book, The Gone Dead Train, and is definitely worth checking out for readers who enjoy southern crime mystery novels. 

Book Details

Author: Lisa Turner
Series: Detective Billy Able #3
Pages: 352 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0062136216
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Release Date: September 27, 2016 (Order now!)

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