Book Update: Nelson DeMille

radiant-angelIf you’re a fan of Nelson DeMille and you’re looking forward to his next book, then I have good news. However, if you were hoping that the author’s next book would feature his series protagonist John Corey, well, then you’re in for a little surprise. 

DeMille’s next novel, which won’t hit bookstores until spring of next year, features a brand new character named Daniel “Mac” MacCormick. We don’t know much about Mac except that he’s younger than Corey and he’s a former army veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan, who returned home and owns a charter fishing boat in Key West. 

While plot details are limited at this time, DeMille has revealed that the story will revolve around a small group of Cuban-Americans from Miami who charter Mac’s boat, only to reveal that they’re looking to do more than just some deep-sea fishing. 

Anything other than that is speculation at this point, but, oh man, can one speculate with those juicy details! Like, will the Cuban Americans be running drugs? Money? People? The possibilities are endless. And how will Mac, a war-rested army veteran, handle it? Also, how was he hurt in Afghanistan, and will those injuries affect his daily life? Might those injuries, whatever they are, give him a disadvantage in whatever mess he gets caught in? We’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully, there will be some more official details released soon. 

All of this information was teased in DeMille’s latest fan newsletter, which you can sign up for and read by clicking here

Along with the book update, DeMille, who hadn’t written a newsletter since January, gave fans an update on potential movie news. Like we reported last December, the author has had plenty of stuff cooking with Hollywood. Now it would appear that SONY-TV is super interested in Plum Island, the first novel featuring DeMille’s fan-favorite character John Corey, and that a deal could be closing soon to bring that novel to life on the small screen. 

Addressing those rumors, DeMille wrote: “ In past Newsletters I’ve reported that SONY-TV was interested in Plum Island and the whole John Corey series. And now they have made me an offer I can’t refuse. When I get more details, I’ll share those with you.”

DeMille also teases some other projects, including an adaption of his novel Spencerville, written by his son, who is a screenwriter. To read more about that and the rest of the newsletter in its entirety, check out Nelson DeMille’s newly redesigned website, or just click here

Lastly, DeMille’s last novel, Radiant Angel, comes out in paperback on September 27th. You can order your copy here, and if you haven’t read it yet, I certainly recommend checking it out. John Corey is about as smart-mouthed, sarcastic, and politically incorrect as anyone else the genre has to offer, and tougher than nails. Radiant Angel is a fun ride! 

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