Mitch Rapp Movie: Scott Adkins May Be Playing The Role Of Victor; Studio Has Not Confirmed


UPDATE: 9/19 10:00am EST. 

Scott Adkins just linked this very article to his verified Facebook page, adding “Excited about this one.”


scott-adkinsAccording to the IMDB page for the American Assassin film, actor Scott Adkins will be playing the role of Victor in the upcoming Mitch Rapp movie. While the news has not been confirmed by CBS Films (it’s worth noting that nearly anyone can edit an IMDB page), this would be a huge get for the studio. 

Victor plays a crucial role in the book, as his actions essentially set the tone for Mitch Rapp (played by Dylan O’Brien) never trusting anyone, including the people he’s working for at the CIA. Without ruining anything for those who haven’t read Flynn’s novel, Victor isn’t exactly who he presents himself to be when Mitch first meets him. 

Interestingly, many fans of Vince Flynn’s books have long shared their hope that Adkins may one day land the role of Rapp. Unfortunately, because Mitch is just twenty-three-years-old in American Assassin, Adkins (40) was too old for the part. If this news is true, though, it looks like fans will have the best of both worlds! 

Stay tuned, I want to wait for this news to be confirmed or denied before I say anything else. As soon as I hear something or CBS Films makes a statement, I’ll update this article. 



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