Gregg Hurwitz Releases ‘Buy A Bullet,’ An Evan Smoak Short Story

gregg-hurwitz-buy-a-bulletBestselling author Gregg Hurwitz just released a brand new short story called Buy A Bullet (which you can get for just $1.99 by clicking here).

Buy A Bullet features Evan Smoak, Hurwitz’s protagonist who was introduced in his hit novel Orphan X, which came out earlier this year. The short story serves as a nice bridge to tide readers over until The Nowhere Man, the follow-up to Orphan X, hits bookstores on January 17, 2017.

Criminal Element has an exclusive excerpt, allowing readers to check out a few paragraphs for free before plunking down the almost two bucks to just buy it, in case you’d like a little preview first.

Evan Smoak is one of the genre’s best new characters. Having grown up as part of a secret government program, able children were hand-picked to be trained as assassins. Designated Orphan X, Smoak only knows that there are at least twenty-three (A-W) other orphans. After a falling out with the program and the people who run it, though, Evan leaves that life behind and starts a new one.

Seeking a new identity, Evan becomes a secret do-good mystery helper who comes to the aid of those in trouble. He’s known only as the Nowhere Man, and asks his clients to pay-it-forward by passing on his phone number to the next person in need.

If you’re a fan of the thriller genre and love action-packed novels, Orphan X is a total must-read. The Nowhere Man is one of 2017’s first highly-anticipated releases and can be pre-ordered by clicking here

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