A Book Spy Review: ‘Find Her’ By Lisa Gardner (New In Paperback)

lisa-gardner-find-herFlora Dane was kidnapped while partying during spring break and held captive for four hundred and seventy-two days. 

Seven years later, she’s gone from victim to vigilante. 

In Find Her, the eighth novel in Lisa Gardner’s bestselling series, D.D. Warren returns to investigate a string of murders. Unbeknownst to Detective Warren, Flora Dane is the one behind them.

Dane’s story, like so many other victims, had gone public. By now, more than half a decade later, most everyone had heard about how she was kept in a coffin located in the back of her attacker’s semi truck for more than a year. She was assaulted, both sexually and physically, and endured the kind of psychological torture that most people cannot comprehend. 

And therein lies the problem for Flora, who becomes overly frustrated by the fact that everyone knows the details of that hellish period in her life, yet few people seem to truly empathize with what she went through. Physically, she looks fine so people assume she must be. Inside, she’s a wreck. 

That feeling of loneliness, the burden of nobody understanding how she felt or still feels, drives her to be there for other victims. More importantly, it drives her to stop predators before they target the next helpless woman. 

At first, Flora works with her FBI victim advocate, Dr. Samuel Keynes, to bring down potential rapists with some success. But after a while, Flora becomes so good at her craft that she turns into a full-blown vigilante who hunts down men like her captor to neutralizes them for good. 

As Warren investigates a particular case, she’s faced with a tough question. Based on what she’s doing, is Flora a hero or a criminal? It’s a question readers will struggle with too, as everyone has a different opinion on the matter. Warren, at least initially, doesn’t know for sure where she stands. 

The detective’s personal feelings become irrelevant, however, when Flora goes missing. 

After all her years working to make sure nobody else would suffer the way she did, Flora is once again abducted, and this time by a stronger predator than before. Unable to escape, her only hopes are Warren and Keynes. And if Warren can’t find her, there’s a real possibility that nobody will ever hear from or see Flora Dane ever again. 

Dr. Keynes is a unique character who adds plenty to the story. Because he knows Flora best, and because it was he who originally connected her kidnapping to a possible case they were working together, his role is critical. But D.D. Warren is still the star, and Gardner has developed her brilliantly. In this book, she’s tested like never before as she tirelessly searches for Flora, determined to save the woman from hell once again.

Gardner’s latest book is everything readers have come to expect from her, as she remains one of the best novelists in the genre today. She shines brightest while balancing the flashback scenes from Flora’s first abduction with the current timeline, all the while being careful to make sure readers can follow with ease while she keeps them trapped in their reading chairs. 

Find Her is a riveting story that is the perfect blend of crime and mystery, all rolled into a heart-pounding psychological thriller that will terrify and entertain you at the same time. 

Book Details

Author: Lisa Gardner
Series: D.D. Warren #8
Pages: 464 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0451477162
Publisher: Dutton
Release Date: October 18, 2016 (Order Now!)



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