C.J. Box’s Forthcoming ‘Vicious Circle’ Gets A New Cover Ahead Of Pub Day

C.J. Box’s highly-anticipated seventeenth Joe Pickett novel, Vicious Circle, is set for a March 21st release date of next year. Box, whose most recent thriller Off The Grid was a #1 New York Times bestseller, will follow-up this year’s success by bringing back one of his most hated antagonists to date–Dallas Cates. 

Cates, of course, was the bad guy in Box’s sixteenth novel, Endangered. A few months after Joe Pickett’s stepdaughter, April Pickett, ran off with Cates, the young rodeo champ, she was found badly injured on the side of the road. The bulk of that book deals with Joe’s investigation into what happened but, ultimately, it all comes down to a showdown between the Cates family and Joe. 

Without giving away too much, readers might remember that Dallas was eventually sent to prison at the end of Endangered, only to have his name pop up at the end of Off The Grid when Joe gets an email featuring Cates’ name in the subject line. Now, it appears, we’re going to find out what that email was about… and judging by the plot details for Vicious Circle, it ain’t good news for Joe. 

For more on the book’s plot, or to pre-order your copy now, click here. Otherwise, scroll down to see the updated cover art for Box’s upcoming novel. 

First, here’s a side by side comparison of the old cover art next to the updated version:

CJ Box Vicious Cirlce side by side covers.jpg


And here’s the new cover all by itself: 


CJ Box - Vicious Cirlce (Updated Cover Art).jpg


Get Vicious Circle on March 21, 2017! 

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