Featured Review: ‘Ring Of Fire’ By Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor - Ring of Fire.jpgFor those who thought Brad Taylor peaked with last year’s Ghosts of War, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

When Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are summoned to the Taskforce’s headquarters in Washington D.C., they knew something was up.

The Taskforce is an off-the-books black-ops team of covert operatives who answer only to the president himself and a group of thirteen individuals from various branches of the United States government known as the Oversight Council. 

While tracking terrorist communications, the Taskforce inadvertently stumbled upon repeated conversations between a known jihadist and a reporter. While the nature of the conversations themselves ended up being harmless, as the reporter was simply doing research for a story he was working on, another tidbit of valuable information was unearthed. 

It turns out that a set of secret documents known as the Panama Papers are about to be released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a Wiki Leaks-like group of whistle-blowers, but with more journalistic integrity.

Concerned about a law firm that they’d used to create offshore shell companies to mask the use of Taskforce funds and movements potentially being mentioned in the leak, Kurt Hale, Director of the Taskforce, had requested permission to forcefully obtain the documents before they were made public, if for no other reason than to start damage control in advance. He was denied by the Oversight Council, though, after they ruled that it was too risky to use Taskforce operatives for anything that wasn’t a direct threat to national security. 

Lucky for Kurt, a workaround was agreed upon.

Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill don’t technically work for the Taskforce in any official capacity. Instead, they own a legit company of their own, but moonlight with the Taskforce, where Pike remains the leader and most trusted asset. 

Their orders are to intercept the Panama Papers and report back with their findings immediately. But for this mission, they’re given no backup, as all other operatives are directly connected to the Taskforce. Plus, as the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s all hands on deck, just in case the president needs a rapid response team should any credible threats suddenly surface.

What Pike, Jennifer, Kurt, and the Oversight Council didn’t know, though, is that the Taskforce isn’t the only group after the Panama Papers due to concern that their secret details might suddenly be brought to light. 

Fifteen years ago, Dexter Trippler, the owner of a small aircraft maintenance firm, was bleeding funds and barely staying afloat. Desperate to land a cushy government contract, he made a deal with the devil, then hit it big. But now, as his past sins threaten to crush the empire he’s built, he’s willing to do anything to bury any and all evidence against him. Even if that means killing those standing in his way. 

Likewise, another dangerous group also has a vested interest in the Panama Papers, but for more sinister reasons.

Soon Pike and Jennifer find themselves caught up in a dangerous web of conspiracy and revenge that traces all the way back to 9/11 and leads to a series of planned commemorative attacks on America. Known as Ring of Fire, the attacks are designed to be even bigger and more disastrous than before…and they’re already underway.

What was supposed to be a walk in the park just turned into Pike Logan’s most difficult mission yet. 

Known for publishing two books a year, Taylor recently announced he’ll be throttling back to just one release each January. Pike Logan fans won’t be missing out, though, as Taylor packs twice the action into his latest novel–which is sure to leave readers satisfied until the twelfth book in the series comes out in 2018.

While other authors tell action stories, Taylor uses his experience from a long and distinguished career in Delta Force to put readers square in the gunfight with crackling, been-there-done-that authenticity. Add to that a number of real-world events that are startling similar to the book’s plot, and Ring Of Fire is Taylor’s most timely, action-packed novel to date.

With steady action and a final reveal that will leave readers stunned, Brad Taylor kicks 2017 off with a thundering bang, delivering the year’s first must-read thriller.

Book Details

Author: Brad Taylor
Series: Pike Logan #11
Pages: 448 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1101984767
Publisher: Dutton
Release Date: January 10, 2017 (Order Now!)

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